Our Team

Our surgical expertise is divided into patient management categories that include breast cancer, liver tumor, melanoma, gastrointestinal tumors, swallowing disorders, and general surgery. We have also developed a specialized focus in the field of laparoscopy, and provide expert consultation and education to the community for a variety of procedures.

Anderson, Benjamin O. – MDProfessor

Anderson, Benjamin O. – MD

Bernier, Greta – MDActing Assistant Professor

Bernier, Greta – MD
Acting Assistant Professor

Blanchette, Christina – ARNPTeaching Associate

Blanchette, Christina – ARNP
Teaching Associate

Brakstad, Mark T. – MDClinical Associate Professor

Brakstad, Mark T. – MD
Clinical Associate Professor

Byrd, David R. – MDProfessor

Byrd, David R. – MD

Calhoun, Kristine E. – MDAssociate Professor

Calhoun, Kristine E. – MD
Associate Professor

Davidson, Giana – MD, MPH Assistant Professor

Davidson, Giana – MD, MPH
Assistant Professor

Dellinger, E. Patchen – MDProfessor

Dellinger, E. Patchen – MD

Devine, Emily E. – PhD, PharmD, MBAAdjunct Associate Professor

Devine, Emily E. – PhD, PharmD, MBA
Adjunct Associate Professor

Errico, Kathleen – PhD, ARNPTeaching Associate

Errico, Kathleen – PhD, ARNP
Teaching Associate

Fichera, Alessandro – MDProfessor

Fichera, Alessandro – MD

Flum, David R. – MD, MPHProfessor

Flum, David R. – MD, MPH

Goff, Barbara Goff – MDAdjunct Professor

Goff, Barbara Goff – MD
Adjunct Professor

Gore, John – MDAdjunct Assistant Professor

Gore, John – MD
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Hannaford, Blake – PhDAdjunct Professor

Hannaford, Blake – PhD
Adjunct Professor

Harris, Kathryn – ARNPTeaching Associate

Harris, Kathryn – ARNP
Teaching Associate

Horvath, Karen D. – MDProfessor

Horvath, Karen D. – MD

Javid, Sara H. – MDAssociate Professor

Javid, Sara H. – MD
Associate Professor

Khandelwal, Saurabh – MDAssistant Professor

Khandelwal, Saurabh – MD
Assistant Professor

Kim, Daniel – MDClinical Assistant Professor

Kim, Daniel – MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Kim, Sara – PhDResearch Professor

Kim, Sara – PhD
Research Professor

Krane, Mukta – MDAssociate Professor

Krane, Mukta – MD
Associate Professor

Kwan, Tracy – ARNPTeaching Associate

Kwan, Tracy – ARNP
Teaching Associate

Lange, Erin – MDClinical Assistant Professor

Lange, Erin – MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Lavallee, Danielle – PhDResearch Assistant Professor

Lavallee, Danielle – PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Margraf, Sharon – ARNPTeaching Associate

Margraf, Sharon – ARNP
Teaching Associate

Oelschlager, Brant K. – MDProfessor and Chief of General Surgery

Oelschlager, Brant K. – MD
Professor and Chief of General Surgery

Park, James O. – MDAssociate Professor

Park, James O. – MD
Associate Professor

Parr, Zoe – MDAssistant Professor

Parr, Zoe – MD
Assistant Professor

Pellegrini, Carlos A. – MDProfessor and Chief Medical Officer

Pellegrini, Carlos A. – MD
Professor and Chief Medical Officer

Perrin, Alison L. – MDClinical Associate Professor

Perrin, Alison L. – MD
Clinical Associate Professor

Petersen, Rebecca – MDClinical Assistant Professor

Petersen, Rebecca – MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Pillarisetty, Venu G. – MDAssociate Professor

Pillarisetty, Venu G. – MD
Associate Professor

Saving, Allegra M. – MDClinical Assistant Professor

Saving, Allegra M. – MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Seaburg, Brea – ARNPTeaching Associate

Seaburg, Brea – ARNP
Teaching Associate

Sinanan, Mika N. – MD, PhDProfessor

Sinanan, Mika N. – MD, PhD

White, Nicole – MDClinical Assistant Professor

White, Nicole – MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Wright, Andrew S. – MDAssociate Professor

Wright, Andrew S. – MD
Associate Professor

Yates, Robert – MDClinical Assistant Professor

Yates, Robert – MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Yeung, Raymond S.W. – MDProfessor

Yeung, Raymond S.W. – MD

Zern, Nicole – MDActing Assistant Professor

Zern, Nicole – MD
Acting Assistant Professor