Patient Care

Burn Center at Harborview

Since its opening in 1974, the UW Burn Center at Harborview has treated more than 15,000 patients, including almost all burn patients in Washington. Harborview was one of the first hospitals to adopt the approach of early removal of burned tissue, and was the first site of a major clinical trial for a temporary artificial skin graft, a technology that continues to advance. The survival rate at Harborview’s burn unit is about 96 percent. Learn More about the HMC Burn Center >>

Harborview Trauma Center

All trauma centers are designated with levels to ensure that facilities have the resources, organizations and expertise to provide optimal care for injured patients. Harborview is the only Level I adult and pediatric trauma center in Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. A Level I trauma center provides the highest level of care, around-the-clock for injured patients from resuscitation through rehabilitation. Emergency physicians, surgeons, surgical specialists, nurses, anesthesiologists and other professionals are always in house and available to provide immediate care. Learn more about the HMC Trauma Center >>

2010 Harborview Trauma Report

We invite you to read Harborview Medical Center’s 2010 Trauma Report. Our trauma program is best portrayed through the voices of our patients and families. Meet Lily James, a child who fought courageously to survive after a boating misadventure; Lorrie Jones, who will savor more days with her grandchildren; and Derrick Roland, who again can pursue his dream to play pro basketball. Three other vignettes highlight how we improve trauma care through research. Together, they illustrate the scope and quality of care we provide as the only Level I adult and pediatric trauma and burn center in Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. In 2009, our Emergency Department managed more than 80,000 visits; 5,647 involved patients with major injuries and hospitalization. Read the Full Report >>