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Residents/Fellows Awards, Honors & Publications

Recent Honors, Awards, Appointments and Publications 
(Listed by date)

photo of Kathryn Stadeli

Dr. Kathryn Stadeli, General Surgery R4

photo of Danielle Lavallee

Dr. Danielle Lavallee, Research Associate Professor, Division of General Surgery

photo of Giana Davidson

Dr. Giana Davidson, Associate Professor, Division of General Surgery

Beyond Demographics: Missing Sociodemographics in Surgical Research
American Journal of Surgery | July 2019

Reporting sociodemographic data in research is critical to describe participants, and to identify contributing factors for patient experience, outcomes and heterogeneity of treatment effect (HTE). Social determinants of health and clinical health characteristics are important drivers of outcomes, and prospective studies collecting participant-reported data offer an opportunity to report these sociodemographics and evaluate for associations with outcomes. Clinical trials have underreported these factors previously, but reporting has not been examined in surgical research. MORE

Dr. Kirsten Concha-Moore

(July 2019) Dr. Kirsten Concha-Moore, Division of Vascular Surgery (R1), was selected as one of the 2019 Patricia Numann Outstanding Medical Student Award recipients on behalf of the Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) and the AWS Foundation. This award is named in honor of the founder of AWS and established to encourage and support female medical students pursuing a career in surgery. Awardees are chosen based on their potential leadership qualities or research contributions to the field of surgery.

The award will be presented to Dr. Concha-Moore at the AWS Foundation Awards Dinner in October 2019 where individuals who have made a difference for women in surgery are celebrated.



Dr. Elissa Butler

Dr. Kate Stadeli

(June 2019 ) Drs. Elissa Butler, Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center, Research Fellow, and Kate Stadeli, General Surgery Research Resident, have both received grant awards from Medic One Foundation for their individual research projects.

Dr. Butler received an award of $8,700 to support her research project “Evaluation Of Pre-Hospital Blood Product Use By Air Medical Services” and Dr. Stadeli received $24,997 to support her research project titled “Working Toward Equity In Emergencies: Bringing Communities And Emergency First Responders Together To Exchange Skills And Cultural Knowledge.”



Dr. Y. David Seo

(April 2019) Dr. Venu Pillarisetty, Associate Professor, Division of General Surgery, and Dr. Y. David Seo, Division of General Surgery (R3) and research fellow, published a paper “Mobilization of CD8+ T cells via CXCR4 blockade facilitates PD-1 checkpoint therapy in human pancreatic cancer” in the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research. Their findings challenge the commonly held view that pancreatic cancer does not elicit an immune system response that is robust enough for immunotherapy to be effective. The researchers report that they found such T cells within pancreatic tumors and determined that they can be activated to attack and kill cancer cells. They studied pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, the most common and most deadly pancreatic cancer.



Dr. Jamie Robinson

(March 2019) Dr. Jamie Robinson, Division of General Surgery (R2), was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (ΑΩΑ) by current UW ΑΩΑ chapter members. Each year, the chapter elects faculty, residents, and fellows who demonstrate commitment to and excellence in teaching medical students as well as displaying outstanding leadership, professionalism, service, and professional achievement.

One of the nomination comments for Dr. Robinson: “Jamie is a great team member to work with. She is excellent at her job, but also works to involve and teach medical students at every level. She is a great leader because she values each team member and their role and always encourages students to contribute and make meaningful contributions to the team. She does the right thing for patients for the right reasons, even when no one is looking or when she won't get credit. She truly prioritizes the patient's well-being and shows all patients compassion and respect.”

Dr. Robinson expresses, “I’ve been lucky enough to have incredible mentors throughout my training, and I understand the importance of that mentorship in our field. I always enjoy working with our bright medical students and try to do my best to answer any questions they have about a career in General Surgery or medicine in general.”

ΑΩΑ’s purpose is to perpetuate excellence in the medical profession, and election to ΑΩΑ is one of the highest honors that physicians can receive. It recognizes excellence in scholarly activities, humanistic qualities, leadership capacity, and exceptional patient care skills.


Dr. Dara Horn

(March 2019) Dr. Dara Horn, research resident, received a $1,000 travel award to attend Shock Society’s 42th Annual Conference to be held in Coronado, CA, June 2019. This award is for her abstract entitled "Variation In the Hla-A Peptide Binding Groove is Associated with Sepsis after Traumatic Injury"

Dr. Horn expresses, “This is award will allow me to travel to the annual Conference on Shock and showcase a multidisciplinary collaboration between Harborview Medical Center and our partners in California, in which we identified a possible genetic predisposition to sepsis and septic shock in critically ill trauma patients. I look forward to presenting this work in June, and will use this opportunity as a stepping stone for further related research.”



Dr. Kathryn Stadeli

(July 2019) Dr. Kathryn Stadeli, 2017-19 research resident, published “The autonomy crisis: A call to action for resident advocacy,” Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, published August 1, 2018.







Drs. Jake Hemingway, Division of Vascular Surgery (R2) and Dawn Coleman, Associate Professor of Surgery, University Of Michigan, Vascular and Endovascular Surgical Society Councilor-At-Large

(February 2019) Dr. Jake Hemingway, Division of Vascular Surgery (R2), won the 2019 Best Paper at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the prestigious Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Society (VESS). The VESS is the only national vascular organization devoted to young vascular surgeons and trainees. His topic was “Lowering the Ankle Brachial Index Threshold in Blunt Lower Extremity Trauma May Prevent Unnecessary Imaging.”