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Residency, Clerkships and Observations

Surgery residents who rotate through our abdominal transplant service enjoy high-autonomy while actively participating in the operating rooms, inpatient service and the transplantation clinic. In addition, they have the exciting opportunity to go on liver and kidney organ procurements, where they hone their surgical technical skills and learn in-depth abdominal anatomy.

Medical students also gain a comprehensive education while rounding, presenting patient cases, formulating their own plans for, as well as participating in, patient care; assisting in the operating rooms, and accompanying the residents on organ procurements.

Residents' Comments

“The organ procurements are excellent! They allow for you to see the anatomy in a level of detail that is difficult to see otherwise.”

“This is an excellent rotation. The operative experience is the best I’ve had so far in residency, as we were frequently the only resident operating with the attending for cases. Each attending provided constructive feedback on ways I could improve my surgical skills. The attendings were all very interested in my education and made an effort to teach both in the operating room and in the wards.” 

“Excellent culture with very personable attendings, fellows, and PAs.”

Medical Students' Comments

“The month on the transplant service was easily one of the best I’ve had in medical school, and I would recommend it to any student that is interested in surgery. As a visiting medical student, I was worried about being isolated from the rest of the team, however, the opposite turns out to be true. Everyone was very welcoming, and I immediately felt integrated. My understanding of the complex surgical patient increased significantly. Also, I received a great deal of feedback on my presentations, and they improved significantly as well.”

“I learned more on this rotation than any other about the spectrum of disease and  treatment…Transplantation was a terrific rotation because I was involved with everything from procurements, scrubbing in on procedures, managing a few of the patients on rounds, and conferences.”

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To shadow a physician, it is the responsibility of the applicant to first secure a supervising physician for their period of  observation and to establish the dates of observership. For information regarding observership application instructions and form.