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Vascular Surgery Education

Headshot portrait of Dr. Niten Singh, vascular surgery.

Niten Singh, MD

Professor, Vascular Surgery Division Program Director, Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency and Vascular Surgery Fellowship

The Division of Vascular Surgery is committed to developing surgical skills among residents and faculty. Our conferences educate students, residents and faculty; showcase Department and other visiting faculty; and foster camaraderie within the Department and within the local surgical community. We strive for an exciting environment that fosters the intellectual development of students, residents, and practicing physicians alike. Our motto is: Examine, critique and change what needs to be changed.

The University of Washington Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency and Fellowship are led by Program Director, Niten Singh, MD. Dr. Singh who recently interviewed with the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Vascular Surgery Interest Group where he discussed “his experience as a surgeon in the United States Military during the Iraq War, his current life as a surgeon, his keys to success, and what the University of Washington has to offer its prospective residents.” Listen here >>