The Program

Our mission is to train leaders in surgery and to train physicians who can operate in a community environment that holds to the highest ethical and professional standards and espouses the core surgical values of duty, honor and responsibility to patients.

The General Surgery Residency Program at the University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals provides integrated training in all areas of general surgery through an intensive five to eight year clinical, didactic and investigative program. The program is dedicated to the education of diverse individuals who will become outstanding clinicians, many of whom will assume leadership positions in academic medicine. The program is particularly interested in those individuals who desire to contribute to the advancement of basic, clinical or other surgical science over the span of their career.

Like most university-based surgical programs, the University of Washington program provides a rigorous, comprehensive experience that is designed to produce the highest caliber surgeon. It is intellectually as well as physically challenging, with high expectations and standards for its trainees. At the same time it fosters a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment emanating from the collective talents and dedication of the entire department, bolstered by the inspiring environs of the Pacific Northwest.

The University of Washington School of Medicine bears a special responsibility for undergraduate medical education as the sole medical school in the WWAMI area. For our residency program, however, we train graduates of all medical schools based strictly on their qualifications. (Graduates of foreign medical schools must first complete our Certificate Program.)