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Czerwonko Pupi, Matias

Matias Czerwonko Pupi – MD



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Personal Interests:

-Outdoor sports; Futbol (not football); Tennis; Literature

Resident Bio:

My name is Matias Czerwonko, I was born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina, and I came to the United States to pursue full-time surgical training at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Undergraduate School:

Medical School:

Universidad Austral at Buenos Aires

General Surgery or Preliminary Program:

Clinical Interests:


Professional Activities:

Argentinean College of Surgeons


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles/Abstracts

1. Czerwonko M.E., Fraga M.V., Goldberg D.J., Hedrick H.L., Laje P. Cardiovascular perforation during placement of an Avalon Elite® Bicaval dual lumen ECMO cannula in a newborn. J Card Surg. 2015, Apr; 30(4): 370-372. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 25545684. Pub Status: Published.

2. Czerwonko, M.E., Huespe, P., Bertone, S., Pellegrini, P., Mazza, O., Pekolj, J., de Santibañes, E., Hyon, S.H., de Santibañes, M. Pyogenic liver abscess: current status and predictive factors for recurrence and mortality of first episodes. HPB (Oxford). 2016, Dec; 18(12): 1023-1030. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 27712972. Pub Status: Published.

3. Czerwonko, M.E., Huespe, P., Mazza, O., de Santibañes, M., Sanchez-Claria, R., Pekolj, J., de Santibañes, E., Hyon, S.H. Percutaneous biliary balloon dilation: impact of an institutional three-session protocol on patients with benign anastomotic strictures of hepatojejunostomy. Dig Surg. 2017, Aug; Cited in PubMed; PMID: 28926836 Pub Status: In press.

4. Czerwonko, M.E., Mazza, O., Pekolj, J., de Santibañes, E., Palavecino M. (September, 2017). Acute pancreatitis after laparoscopic trans-cystic common bile duct exploration (LTCBDE): an analysis of 447 consecutive patients. World J Surg. 2017, Sept; 17(4): S1-68. Pub Status: Published.

5. Flingai S, Czerwonko M, Goodman J, Kudchodkar SB, Muthumani K, Weiner DB.. Synthetic DNA vaccines: improved vaccine potency by electroporation and co-delivered genetic adjuvants. Front Immunol. 2013, Nov; 4(4): 354. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 24204366. Pub Status: Published.

6. Piñero, F., Fauda, M., Mendizabal, M., Czerwonko, M.E., Gonalez Campana, A., Andreani, O., Silva, M., Podestá, LG. Cost-Effective Analysis of Enhanced Recovery and Early Discharge from Hospital After Liver Transplantation (ERALT). Liver Transpl. 2014, Jun; 20(6): S345. Pub Status: Published.

7. Raices, M., Czerwonko, M.E., Dietrich, A., Da Lozzo, A., Beveraggi, E., Smith, D. Sodium hydroxide as a sclerosing agent in patients with neoplastic pleural effusion non-candidates for VATS: results of a minimally invasive protocol. Updates Surg. 2017, Aug; Pub Status: In press

8. Czerwonko, M.E., Huespe, P., Elizondo, C.M., Pekolj, J., Gadano, A., Hyon, S.H., de Santibañes, E., de Santibañes, M. Risk Factors and Outcomes of Pyogenic Liver Abscess in Adult Liver Recipients: A Matched Case-Control Study. HPB (Oxford). 2017, Dec; Pub Status: accepted

Book Chapters

1. Czerwonko, M.E., de Santibañes, M., de Santibañes, E. (2017). Rare Problems: Mirizzi Syndrome, Fistula and Gallstone Ileus. In M. Cox., G.D. Eslick, R. Padbury (Ed.), The Management of Gallstone Disease, A Practical and Evidence-Based Approach (pp. In press). Sydney: Springer.

2. Czerwonko M.E., Ingolotti M, Nelson A., Brown, J.L., Alfaro V. (2015). Animal Models for Age-Related Macular Degeneration. In Alfaro, V., Jablon, E., Kerrison, J., Sharpe, K., Rodriguez-Fontal M. (Ed.), Age Related Macular Degeneration. (pp. 15-36). Charleston: Philadelphia Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.