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Dasari, Mohini

Mohini Dasari – MD, MS



Sharon, MA

Personal Interests:

Yoga, swimming, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, making guacamole, and spontaneous weekend trips.

Resident Bio:

I was born and grew up in Massachusetts, lived in India for 2 years during grade school, and since then have lived in Texas and Pennsylvania prior to moving out west. I spent one year between 3rd and 4th years of medical school to do global surgery research in Latin America (Paraguay and Guatemala) and obtain my Master’s degree in Clinical Research. I’m grateful for the opportunity to train at UW and was definitely drawn to this program because of the amazing residents and faculty here. I’m also glad I moved to Seattle because I met my fiancé here!

Undergraduate School:

Rice University

Medical School:

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

General Surgery or Preliminary Program:

General Surgery

Clinical Interests:

Transplant surgery, general surgery

Professional Activities:

Association of Women Surgeons


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