Jacky Kwong, MD




Personal Interests:

Water polo, weightlifting, Costco, cooking/baking/fermenting, wines and whiskeys, thrift shopping.

Resident Bio:

I was born in Singapore and immigrated to northern California with my family when I was 7. I’m the youngest in my family. My father was an engineer and my mother was a piano teacher. My older sister also pursued a career in medicine and is an anesthesiology resident. In college, I was interested in underrepresented populations and wanted to be a social worker. In medical school, I wanted to be a pediatrician but realized that I enjoyed operating and taking care of surgical patients more. I had the honor of having wonderful mentors who helped with through the transition and would not be where I am today if it were not for their guidance. If I were not a doctor, I would open a bakery and make breads, pizzas, and have a fancy espresso machine.

Undergraduate School:

University of California-Los Angeles

Medical School:

Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

General Surgery or Preliminary Program:

Preliminary Program – General Surgery

Clinical Interests:

Pediatric surgery

Professional Activities:

University of Washington Housestaff Quality and Safety Committee


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